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11 WordPress Web Design Trends to Pay Attention to

Posted by Torque Mag on June 16, 2021 at 5:02 am
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Every year, web design trends subtly shift and 2021 is no exception. While there aren’t often radical changes on a year-to-year basis, 2020 ushered in plenty of new design trends to experiment with. Now it’s time to take a look at how they’ll evolve this time around. WordPress sites have followed close behind the popular trends, with a few unique ones to reflect its users’ interests. For example, you’ll be surprised to learn how the theme building community is changing. Look out for these popular trends, as they’re already in full effect or soon to come to many WordPress sites. Simplicity Wins As far as web design trends go, one thing almost always stays the same: more minimal websites are the consistent winners each year. Simple palettes, lots of whitespace, and one-page sites are quite popular. That’s because they’re both easy to make and because users are more likely to spend time on them. They also load much faster, which online, is a big deal. Users won’t wait longer than two or three seconds before clicking off your site. And minimal themes naturally lend themselves to quicker loading speeds. Plus, a minimal design puts the focus on your content, which…

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