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3 Best Frameworks for Headless WordPress

Posted by Torque Mag on April 5, 2022 at 11:23 am
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WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMSs). It enables you to create a site and customize your content without the need to learn code. However, if you have some programming experience, you may find that you require even more out of the CMS. Using WordPress as a headless CMS enables you to make more complex changes to the front end of your website. This method provides greater flexibility in the way your content is displayed. It can even improve the performance of your site and provide better security. In this post, we’ll discuss what headless WordPress is and why you may want to use this setup. We’ll also outline the key features to look for in a framework. Then, we’ll highlight three of the best frameworks to help you get started. What Headless WordPress Is Headless is a term used to describe a content management system that separates its back-end content repository (“body”) from its front-end presentation layer (“head”). Traditionally, the WordPress back end encompasses the admin panel and content management tools. The front end is everything that visitors see when they arrive at your site. However, headless WordPress enables you to decouple its body from…

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