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8 Proper Ways to Hide Elements on Your Website With CSS (2021)

Posted by Torque Mag on August 5, 2021 at 11:39 am
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There are certain times when you just don’t want every aspect of your website hanging out in the breeze. That is, you don’t want every templated aspect of a page, post, header, or footer shown in every instance it appears. And while it might seem as though you have to rewrite the template or theme code for each time you want this omission to occur, that’s not actually true.  In fact, you can hide elements on your website quickly using just CSS. And it’s actually pretty easy. Today, we’re discussing eight different ways to do so. Each of these options describe a legitimate way to obscure site elements. We’re not taking shortcuts here. But you will find that these methods are quite easy to implement.  Why Hide Elements in the First Place? There are several reasons you may want to hide elements on your website. Often, it comes down to saving time on redesigns and such. But four popular reasons include:  When you want to hide meta data on WordPress pages and posts without having to rewrite your theme or make a ton of customizations. Making temporary changes to your site’s fonts, font sites, and other design elements is a popular…

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