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A Report from WordCamp Europe 2022: Porto – At Last!

Posted by Torque Mag on June 22, 2022 at 10:41 am
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After two years of online conferences, I am happy to report that, in June 2022, WordCamp Europe in Porto finally happened. It was originally supposed to take place in 2020 but then – well you know what happened. After being postponed twice, this year, thanks to vaccines and masks, we could finally meet in person again. As usual, I packed my bags to attend, which is why you are getting a WordCamp Europe 2022 report from me right now. Below, I have summarized my favorite sessions and some other information about the camp for all those who could not attend. Opening Remarks WordCamp Europe 2022 actually marked the 10th anniversary of WCEU. The first one happened all the way back in 2013. After three years in the making, this one finally managed to bring the community back together. Attendees could look forward to the usual presentations and workshops. Besides that, there was a wellness track with yoga and meditation. In addition, you had the possibility to take a rooftop tour of the Super Bock Arena where the event was taking place. Of course, safety was a major concern, which is why there was a strict mask mandate inside the venue.…

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