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Ask the Bartender: Is There a Starter for Building Block Themes?

Posted by WP Tavern on December 7, 2021 at 5:22 pm
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I read some posts from “Ask the Bartender,” and I appreciate it a lot! Thanks. I have a question now. 🙂 I want to refine my WordPress theme development process, which is: To make a unique-creative design with Adobe XD or Figma. To convert it to static HTML using VS Code with Bootstrap. In WordPress, create custom post types with PODS. To convert the static HTML in WP templates with Timber. Based on my experience, this process is the best for me, but I want to integrate my themes better with WP-Blocks. So, my question is: is there some starter-theme ready to use with blocks as the main theme and later extend it with a child theme with my custom theme? Federico This question depends on one of two things: Do you want to build classic themes with block support or full-blown block themes? How you approach projects going forward will depend on the answer to that. It was unclear which direction you prefer from your question, so I will tackle both. It also seems like you are more interested in child theming. For clarity, I consider “starter” themes a starting point for building standalone or custom parent themes. My…

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