Ask the Bartender: Is It OK To Provide WordPress Admin Credentials to Plugin Support Staff?

Ask the Bartender: What Happens to the Customizer When a Block Theme Is Active?

Posted by WP Tavern on October 15, 2021 at 6:02 pm
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Something on my radar right now is third-party plugins that have settings in the Customizer. What I gather of friends who are the devs working on Customizer and front-end stuff within a few plugin companies, global styles and block styles are not yet on their radar. So what happens if someone installs Twenty Twenty-Two or another block-based theme? The left admin menu for Customizer isn’t there. The janky way to get there is via Appearance > Themes > Customizer. But the expectation is that third-party plugins and themes need to move settings over. In fact, this seems more like they need to duplicate settings in both places for a while.Anonymous For those out of the loop, let me provide a quick refresher on this topic. When WordPress 5.9 lands, we expect it to ship with the new site editor and global styles interface. However, most users will not see this screen unless they are running a block theme. Given that the upcoming Twenty Twenty-Two is also shipping with WordPress 5.9 and judging the popularity of past default themes, we can expect many thousands of users will be transported into this whole new world. For some, this might be as shocking…

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