Pull Quote: Exposure to the global community taught me a new meaning of citizenship.

Becoming a Global Citizen

Posted by HeroPress on October 27, 2021 at 12:27 am
kitty kitty CATegory Community
I haven’t accomplished some amazing achievement, or overcome some insurmountable obstacle. I haven’t been through some extreme hardship, or dealt with a personal tragedy. In life, I have been significantly influenced by a negative voice inside me that tells me I’m an impostor and focuses on my past failures and things about myself I cannot change. In short, I don’t see myself as a hero. However, being a part of the WordPress community has taught me to not be too hard on myself and appreciate things I take for granted. This essay is a summary of the personal struggles I have had, mostly alone, in my head. My family teases me that I started learning to speak after I turned four. I think they exaggerate but it fits my personality. I am slow, it’s not a big impediment, but people point it out sometimes (Like at 13:25 on this WordCamp video) . I am highly sensitive both emotionally and physically to things like bright lights, strong smells, heat and cold. I easily get overwhelmed under pressure or in emotionally or socially tasking activities. As a child, I was under a lot of pressure to be normal. To wake up! Speak…

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