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Posted by Darryl Schmidt on July 25, 2021 at 11:38 am
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Many people in our field have had their business suffer during the global pandemic and some have had it so bad that they’ve had to shutter their businesses, just like many brick and mortar businesses that relied on personal interaction.

With so many new people going online for tasks that would usually be done in person, many of us have been able to pivot our businesses and roll with the changes. As new opportunities presented themselves, many that dug in and took advantage kept their businesses thriving.

Online Instead of in Person

With lockdowns and restrictions, many businesses have thrived because they already had a foothold in the online world, while others scrambled to get up to speed. There was and still is many opportunities to help businesses that relied on in person shopping to create an online component.

Moving from an in person only business model to selling goods and services over the internet can be a dramatic shift for many businesses. A good web design agency can create systems and procedures to making that transition as painless as possible.

Not Just Websites

If you lean more towards design, there’s many different opportunities available to you, helping businesses transition to the new way of doing business. Many of these opportunities don’t even involve creating a website at all.

Ensuring that a business’ social media posts have consistent branding and digital assets isn’t new, but it’s become more important due to the larger number of businesses switching their marketing. Creating asset bundles with properly sized images isn’t something that many business owners will think of, but something potential clients will definitely notice.

Restaurants in Trouble

With the massive spike in food delivery, we’ve seen services that were floundering before the pandemic take off. New delivery services have also popped up and picked up the slack with the additional delivery opportunities. The surge in the need for food delivery has been great for the delivery services, but not everyone is thrilled.

Even in the best of times, sometimes running a restaurant and keeping it profitable can be a balancing act. Many of these, now very successful, food delivery services also took a giant chunk out of the profits of the restaurants they were delivering for. This has put an additional strain on the finances for restaurants that might have been getting by before the pandemic but with the restrictions on customers, the big charge by delivery services was not a welcome addition to many restaurant’s bottom line.

Restaurant Opportunity

Web designer and entrepreneur Wendell Harness from Harness Media saw an opportunity and made it happen.

Harness saw the burden that delivery services put on restaurants that were already struggling. Not only did restaurants have to deal with the strain of their day to day operations, but in a global pandemic, customers weren’t allowed to eat inside the restaurants anymore.

On one side, restaurants couldn’t fill their chairs and on the other side is delivery services with fees and charges that bit into their already meager margins.

Harness Media created Jiffy Grub, a website tailored to restaurants that needed to get their margins back and serve their customers. Restaurants could have all of the convenience of the delivery services, without all of the exorbitant charges.

Even a restaurant that opened its doors in the middle of a global pandemic, without the inertia of years in business, still had a great chance of succeeding if they used Jiffy Grub to engage with their customers.

Be Nimble and Keep Your Eyes Open

If there’s one thing that we should have learned in the pandemic is that those that can’t or won’t change the way they do business won’t survive. We need to keep our eyes open for new opportunities and pivot when needed to embrace new revenue streams. Just like brick and mortar businesses that didn’t adapt, your website agency needs to be able to fill voids, find new markets, and create success in new and exciting ways.

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9 months ago

Thank you for this great article and for the mention! I agree that it is very important to constantly look at how you are presenting your business and obtaining clients. The business world is constantly changing, whether it be COVID-19, changes in weather patterns, or whatever — we have to be nimble enough to fill the needs of potential clients regardless of current events.