Team Outrage Squad

Posted by Darryl Schmidt on September 3, 2021 at 4:33 pm
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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the internet is global and includes many different cultures, beliefs, and regional idioms. Something said or done on the internet that might seem innocuous to you might be offensive to someone else.

In some cases the online platforms themselves might present issues with clarity. Twitter’s character limit can present a challenge with expressing your true meaning. Any text only medium removes many of the nuances and signals that we use when face to face, to convey meaning and intent.

Many of us have made what we assumed was a nice, positive comment, only to have Team Outrage Squad light up the torches and go to town, trying to make you feel as horrible as possible. Sometimes they misread the message and/or intent or don’t understand cultural references. Regardless of the comment, Team Outrage Squad’s responses stemmed from assuming that the person intended to offend, or the assumed a meaning that was incorrect.

I would like to believe that in the majority of these cases, it’s a misunderstanding or miscommunication and do my best to give other people the benefit of the doubt.

Learning Moments

If someone was to attack you each and every time you were wrong, would you be open to learning and growing from those experiences? The first thing we should do when encountering someone we disagree with is try to understand why they think or say what they do. It’s possible that in one context they could be completely right, yet wrong in another.

Conversations and Understanding

Without open conversations where people are allowed to express their opinions and then discuss them as adults, it’s unlikely that there will be any personal growth. Even if opinions aren’t radically changed, sometimes a seed is planted.

We do not live in a black and white world where everything is either right or wrong. Differing opinions do exist and given a set of personal experiences, right can something different for different people. To be clear, some things are totally black and white, right or wrong, just not all things.

You Are Wrong No Matter What

Even when you completely disagree with someone, name calling and shaming makes you wrong. Whatever opinion you have loses all weight when you lose control of your manners.

No matter how right you may think you are, the jackass is always wrong.

It’s OUR Community

The WordPress community contains people from all around the world and we can only grow and become stronger when we both recognize and embrace our differences.

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