The Return to the New New Normal

Posted by Darryl Schmidt on July 16, 2021 at 1:55 pm
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During the past year and more, we’ve been forced to change the way we do everything with our businesses. We’ve learned how to do business from a distance and work with clients in new ways. We’ve utilized tools like Zoom and other “also ran” video conferencing software. We’ve learned to live in the “new normal”.

While some of us have been doing business remotely for some time, it’s been a struggle for many of us. Not being able to sit in the same room as a client, look them in the eye, and work out their needs have presented some difficulties.

Whether you’ve been able to continue as normal, pivot your business, or push your way through, things are going to be different. The way that we did things during the global pandemic is going to change the way we do things going forward. Even if you think that you’re not going to change, the people that you do business with have changed.

Our attitudes and the way we do business and interact with others has changed, hopefully for the better.

Be Well

Maintaining your mental health is always important. One positive thing that came out of the pandemic is a new focus on our mental well being. So many people experienced levels of stress that were far beyond normal as well as beyond what they’re used.

The stigma associated with mental health has also shrunk dramatically. People suffering have made it known that they need help and their friends and family are reaching out to show their support. Almost every day I see people within my circle of friends and associates in online communities reach out when they need help.

In our own community we have Big Orange Heart, which offers support for remote workers experiencing mental health issues.

Do NOT stay silent if you need help. Reach out to friends, family, colleagues, or an organization like Big Orange Heart if you feel the need.

Be Kind

Tension can be high with people dealing with the troubles in their own life. You may not know what someone else is experiencing or how it’s affecting their well being. Many people have their own circle of turmoil that’s unique to them.

Several times I’ve had people lash out at me in frustration of situations that were beyond their control. While I’m not the most calm person in the world, I had to remind myself that lashing back wouldn’t solve anything. It was hard and I really wanted to just twist their heads off, but showing some kindness went a long way with making the both of us feel better.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a bad situation with no way to make that situation great, but if you try to make it less bad, you’re moving in the right direction. Learn to take the wins where you can find them and focus on moving forward and making life better for yourself and others.

Be Safe

Please, don’t jump the gun and forget about being safe. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and shouldn’t forget that we’re still in the tunnel. Even if you’ve had one or two of your vaccination shots, there’s no reason to act like a pirate on shore leave.

Keep up social distancing and following local guidelines to ensure that everyone in your community is as safe as possible. Get your vaccinations as soon as possible as a way to not only keep yourself but others safe.

Going Forward in the New Normal

Let’s take what we’ve learned from 2020 and use those lessons to thrive in the post pandemic world. We have different options for communications and promotion and will have more choices for what we do to grow and succeed. We’ve made it through a hard time and came out the other end stronger.

Many of us have learned that stepping out of our comfort zone and taking on new challenges can reap great rewards for our businesses and personal growth.

Let’s maintain and build on the kindness we’ve shown to others and the openness that’s allowed us to be able to reach out to others when we need help.

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