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Call for Translators: 2021-2022 Annual Meetup Surveys

Posted by Dot Org Community on June 24, 2022 at 4:10 pm
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Call for Translators: 2021-2022 Annual Meetup Surveys As announced previously, for the first time in WordPress history the 2021-2022 Annual Meetup Surveys will be distributed in a variety of languages! This will enable more WordPress meetup organizers and attendees around the world to respond to the survey, which is of particular importance as the Community team seeks to reactive the meetup program. How You Can Help Are you available to help translate the surveys from English to another language? In particular, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and German are languages spoken by many in the WordPress community and to which the surveys are not yet translated. How to Translate These are the source documents to translate: Annual Meetup Organizer SurveyAnnual Meetup Program SurveyStep 1: Check the central translation tracker to confirm which translations are already complete or underway. Step 2: Enter your information into the tracker. This will help avoid duplicate efforts. Step 3: Create a new Google Doc for your translation. Please ensure that the sharing permissions allow for public access.Paste the document link into column E of the central translation tracker.Step 4: When the translation is complete, please record this in column F of the tracker and on the…

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