a list view of posts or pages that have been published in the wordpress classic editor or gutenberg.

Check Out This New Plugin That Converts Posts Published in the Classic Editor Into Blocks

Posted by Torque Mag on August 10, 2022 at 3:48 pm
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If you’re wanting an easy way to quickly convert posts written in the Classic Editor into Blocks without having to edit each post and change them individually, check out this brand new WordPress plugin created by Marie Comet. Once installed and activated, you’ll find a Classic to Gutenberg link located in the Tools menu. This plugin adds a user interface that enables you to see a list of Posts or Pages that have been published in the Classic Editor, Gutenberg, or both. Simply check the box next to the post you want to Convert and click the Convert button. The Convert to Gutenberg Blocks User Interface In my limited testing, I published two posts. One contained nothing but paragraphs while the other contained paragraphs and ordered lists. In both cases, the converted posts took successive paragraphs and bunched them together into one paragraph block. Meanwhile, the ordered lists were correctly converted into their block counterparts in the correct locations. Here is an example of what I’m talking about. A Series of Paragraphs Grouped into One Paragraph Block I believe the goal of this plugin is to provide a convenient option to convert old content into blocks without having to open…

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