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Community Team Meeting Agenda for 2021-10-07

Posted by Dot Org Community on October 6, 2021 at 12:29 am
kitty kitty CATegory Community
The last Community Team bi-weekly meeting is happening tomorrow. The meeting is meant for all contributors on the team and everyone who is interested in taking part in some of the things our team does. Feel free to join us, even if you are not currently active in the team! Asia-Pacific / EMEA friendly meeting: 2021-10-07 12:00Americas friendly meeting: 2021-10-07 21:00 Below is a preliminary agenda for the meeting. If you wish to add things you’d like bring to into discussion, comment below or reach out to team reps @sippis or @kcristiano. It does not need to be a blog post yet, the topic can be discussed during the meeting nevertheless. We use the same agenda for both meetings. New meeting times As per the decision made some weeks ago, this is the last Community Team bi-weekly meeting. After this meeting the Community Team will have three monthly meetings: Community Team meeting, on the first Thursday of each monthComunity Local Organiser meeting, on the second week of each monthMentor and Deputy chat, on the third week of each monthThe exact weekday and time for the two last meetings are still being voted. Please read the full announcement and vote for…

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