Pull Quote: Being connected in meetups is the most valuable part of the WordPress community. 在小聚中與人建立連結,是參加小聚最有價值的地方。

Connection Makes Credibility, Credibility Makes Opportunity – 連結產生信賴,信賴創造機會

Posted by HeroPress on March 15, 2022 at 10:45 pm
kitty kitty CATegory Community
這篇文章同時有繁體中文版本。」 I’m Huanyi Chuang (Eric) from Taiwan. I’ve been participating in the WordPress community for several years. Of course, this experience isn’t long compared with other people’s experiences in the open-source communities. Still, I have learned a lot by joining this fantastic group and am eager to share my experience. Why I Started I started joining Taipei meetup because I tried to seek solutions to my client’s website issues. For people who haven’t been to any meetups, a WordPress meetup is somewhere you can meet experienced WordPress users or developers to help you with your questions. When I encountered an issue with the custom archive pages, a local meetup announcement showed on my WordPress dashboard. And that was my original connection with the local community, not impressive, but true. Why I Keep Participating In the end, the WordPress community gives me the chance to connect with people. At first, I started by asking questions, and I found that I might find some leads in the meetups and wanted to take advantage by knowing more potential clients. So I brought my business cards to every event from then on. That didn’t work well, as I didn’t acquire any clients from attendees.…

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