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Contributing To WordPress Without Being A Developer – Contribuire a WordPress senza essere uno sviluppatore

Posted by HeroPress on November 10, 2021 at 1:56 am
kitty kitty CATegory Community
Questo saggio è disponibile anche in italiano. The beginnings trying various CMS I’ve always been fascinated by the internet, I remember in the 90s going with friends to pubs where we could use a computer and understand how websites like the FBI’s were structured, or learning how to use the ancestors of today’s chats like, for example, mIRC. I started creating websites in 1998 for fun, and my first paid job was for the shop where I bought comics. Little by little I approached CMS to speed up the creation of sites: I tried Joomla and Drupal and they never fully satisfied me because of the scarcity of guides. Later, in a magazine, I read about a CMS for creating blogs that was beginning to be used to create incredible sites and which, moreover, had an international community that had created a very large documentation. Little by little, thanks to that documentation and the first sites in Italian, I started to use WordPress. The turning point that changed my life, personally and professionally Being an introvert by nature, I didn’t mind working from home, but I did have difficulty finding new clients and, at the same time, improving the quality…

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