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Customize the WordPress Admin Toolbar: Why and How to Do It

Posted by Torque Mag on September 1, 2021 at 10:43 am
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The WordPress admin toolbar comes with a standard look and set of functions that are generally very useful, so why customize it? Well, sometimes the standard layout doesn’t suit the needs of every WordPress user or developer. Perhaps there are menu options listed you never use. Or maybe it doesn’t have links to your most-used dashboard sections.  No matter the specific reason, making customizations to the WordPress toolbar can streamline your workflow and improve how WordPress functions for individual users, teams, and developers.  For that reason, today, we’re discussing why someone might want to customize the admin WordPress toolbar and several ways to go about it. The WordPress Admin Toolbar: Why Customize It?  Before we get into the specifics of how to customize the toolbar, let’s spend a moment discussing why you might want to go through this effort in the first place. What follows are just a few reasons:  You may wish to add shortcuts to frequently accessed parts of your site that aren’t present in the toolbar by default. Sometimes plugins, themes, or other third-party tools add a menu or feature to the toolbar that you don’t want to be there. You may want to add white-labeling to the admin…

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