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Deputy Feedback Wanted: Streamlining WordCamp Phases

Posted by Dot Org Community on July 22, 2022 at 1:30 am
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Objective: Clarify and optimize the current WordCamp application process to help the organizers and deputies. As we welcomed several new deputies since the beginning of 2022, some of us started noticing vague or outdated steps in the WordCamp application phases. To smoothly onboard new organizers and deputies, it’s worth taking our time to clarify the current phases. As the first step, I created a flow chart of the current process works.  To view the details and read comments, visit the Google Slides version. Current WordCamp application processing process Feedback Wanted Please leave comments on the flow chart itself OR this post about: Any difference in your understanding of a step or timingAny clarification requiredAny improvement/change to suggestExamples of suggestions These are actual suggestions already added as comments to the flow chart. Remove “Needs Crowdsignal account” – No WordCamp is actually using it.Combine “Needs E-mail” and “Needs Site” and call it “Needs E-mail and Site” – These steps are in one documentation, and the same person often takes care of both.Remove the “Needs Mentor” status and follow a different process – finding a mentor can happen concurrently with other steps, and it can take a while. No need to block the…

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