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Discussion: Diversity in WordPress Events

Posted by Dot Org Community on February 8, 2022 at 10:30 am
kitty kitty CATegory Community
Recently, there have been questions about diversity at WordPress events, especially WordCamps. The Community team values and prioritizes diversity, as the more diverse our community is, the stronger, more innovative, and more resilient it becomes.  Increasing diversity in WordPress events is not the responsibility of just one continent, community, event, or team. Everyone can make a difference. Talking about diversity is not new for the WordPress community, but I am particularly glad that to have this conversation at this time.  For one, because of the pandemic, there are new barriers to participation that may not have been considered. Second, organizers are cautiously restarting in-person events. This is a potentially impactful time to gain a better understanding of what barriers underrepresented community members face, what empowers individuals to participate at WordPress events, and how to support organizers in creating more inclusive spaces. On top of that, a unique opportunity and simultaneous challenge for global communities like WordPress is how to honor diversity in local areas and cultures AND celebrate the diversity of our global community as a whole.  To that end, I only have my perspective and experience, and I’m missing information in my current understanding of diversity across our big,…

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