WordPress post header that shows a split between the meta and featured image.  On he left, the published date, updated time, and reading time are shown above the title.

Displaying Post Modified and Reading Times via WordPress Blocks

Posted by WP Tavern on April 5, 2022 at 7:46 pm
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A couple of weeks ago, Rich Tabor announced a GitHub repository that listed all of his block plugins. These were already publicly available. However, some had yet to land in the WordPress plugin directory. As a fan of his simple approach to block design, I was quick to start tinkering with them. One of those projects, Post Modified Time Block, landed on WordPress.org yesterday. Along with the yet-released Post Reading Time Block (available on GitHub), the two make a pair of post-meta extensions that should come in handy for many users. Both blocks are meant to be used in conjunction with a post rather than dropped haphazardly around the site. Typically, users would place them in one or more of their templates via the site editor (which requires a block theme). As shown in the following screenshot, I added them to the post header area in Archeo: Adding post updated and reading times to the post header. While WordPress has never had a “reading time” template tag, it does have a post-modified time function. However, there is no equivalent block. There is a recent ticket for selecting between the published or modified date/time via the Post Date block. Until that…

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