WordPress editor with a Cover block.  Highlighted in the toolbar is the "use featured image" toggle.

Featured Cover Blocks and the Future of Binding Data to Generic WordPress Blocks

Posted by WP Tavern on April 6, 2022 at 7:55 pm
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Over the past year, I have been on a mission. I have eagerly awaited each release of the Gutenberg plugin, followed tickets, and chimed in when I could. I have been holding out some sliver of hope for one feature in particular. I wanted to use featured images within a Cover block. That day has finally arrived. In particular, my mission was to create the following layout entirely from the WordPress editor—no code involved: This was a part of a set of patterns I had designed for a faux photography portfolio in 2021. The general layout has long been possible in WordPress via the editor. However, it was not dynamic, which meant that each Cover block and its image had to be manually added instead of loading post featured images. Two weeks ago, Andrei Draganescu added a pull request that changed everything. It implemented a toggle for the Cover block that allowed it to use the post’s featured image instead of a static image: Switching the Cover block to use the featured image. Two days ago, that enhancement landed in the Gutenberg plugin. It is expected to ship with version 13.0 next week. I am unsure why I have been…

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