WP After Party Features

From start to finish, this website is free to use and there are not premium tiers for members. The entire point is to have fun and make new pals.

Step one is to create a free website account.

Personal Profiles

In addition to the business you, there’s a personal you. Your personal profile is meant to pull aside the business curtain a bit and let people know a little bit more about you.

Design Agency Listings

Whether you’re the lead of a big time design agency catering to the fortune 500 or a solo designer working with local clients, create a free Design Agency listing.

You can create your design agency listing when you’re logged in and viewing your personal profile.


A nice addition to your design agency listing. You can attach website listings to showcase the work of your design agency.

You can create your website listings when you’re logged in and viewing your design agency profile.

Service Agency Listings

If you provide a service to the WordPress community, list and showcase your services with a service agency listing

You can create your service agency listing when you’re logged in and viewing your personal profile.


Message forums are like Facebook groups, but with much less evil and pooping on your privacy.


News aggregation was the original reason for this website. I wanted to see all the WordPress news from all the sites in one place.

We’re only listing titles and a few words to give you the basic idea of what the post is about. Each news posting includes a link to take you to the full article.


If you’re not listening/watching the latest WordPress podcasts, then you are missing out. The latest episodes are posted as they’re released.

For maximum fun, you should subscribe to your favourite podcasts using podcatcher app of your choice.