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From WordPress to Freedom

Posted by HeroPress on July 28, 2021 at 12:00 am
kitty kitty CATegory Community
Hello there! Do you know that having a WordPress knowledge can change your life for good? Yes! It can. In the last half of 2020 which of course can be said as the pandemic year, I made more than $750 (₦300,000) creating websites with WordPress. Perhaps I could have made more even as a beginner, but I also had a full time job which didn’t make it easy for me as a beginner at that time. I didn’t quit my job at that time and I still haven’t cos WordPress is now easier and I started managing both ends well enough after few months. How I Started I was already a graduate of Computer Science and finished my service year by October 2019 but as regards employability I only had a beginner knowledge in HTML and CSS, of course I had pages created with that but I couldn’t make them really interactive cos I didn’t know enough JavaScript and I also had little knowledge of PHP. Here in my country, no one really hires Junior developers with no JS knowledge, then I needed money to keep myself learning. The bail out, I understood I needed to be skilled, so I…

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