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FSE Outreach Round #11: Going on a Site Editing Safari

Posted by WP Tavern on December 3, 2021 at 6:55 pm
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Anne McCarthy announced Round #11 of the FSE Outreach Program on November 11. The latest test, dubbed Site Editing Safari, calls on volunteers to run through a step-by-step list to find strengths and weaknesses around the upcoming WordPress 5.9 site editor. Volunteers are still welcome to provide feedback until Tuesday, December 7. This is actually my second attempt at Round #11. The first was right when the testing began nearly a month ago. As always, I was excited to jump in and contribute in some small way to the project. So, I made sure I updated everything and loaded up my test environment. Then, the entire experience rocketed downhill. I became frustrated after the template navigation was removed from the site editor. So, I simply threw in the towel. The one feature I had been waiting on for months felt useless. I pointed out these frustrations in my review of Gutenberg 11.9 — let’s just say there were a few drafts of that post that were far less kind. Shortly after, template navigation was re-added to Gutenberg and should land in WordPress 5.9. Calls for using the TT1 Blocks theme are also demotivating. I have become burned out testing it…

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