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Gutenberg 12.4 Includes Accessibility Improvements, Categories Reminder, and a Tag Cloud Outline Style

Posted by WP Tavern on January 19, 2022 at 6:25 pm
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Gutenberg 12.4 landed in the WordPress plugin directory earlier today. With the push to get WordPress 5.9 out the door next week, it can be easy to forget all the development behind the scenes, waiting to make its appearance in future versions of WordPress. The latest release focuses more on polishing existing features and introducing a few nice-to-haves. Accessibility improvements are always a welcome sight. The update adds an always-available close button in the block inserter for screen readers. And, when closing the list view, the focus state moves to its button. Some theme-related blocks have also been relocated within the inserter. Post Template, Pagination, Next Page, Previous Page, and Page Numbers were previously housed under the Design category. Now, they are appropriately under Theme. Broken Site Editor When Opening Block Inserter Scrollbars gone wrong in site editor. Gutenberg 12.4 seems to introduce a new bug inside of the site editor. When opening the block inserter, its scrollbar does not appear. This creates a long list of blocks down the side of the page. The canvas area gets set to a fixed height with its own scrollbar. This issue does not prevent inserting blocks. Nor does it make the site…

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