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Gutenberg Ecommerce: Using the New Editor for Online Shops

Posted by Torque Mag on September 14, 2021 at 9:17 am
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Is Gutenberg any good for eCommerce? The new editor has been out for quite a while now, nearly three years in fact, and has been the default since WordPress 5.0. Reception at the time was and still is mixed; some people say the new editor is much better, while others simply hate it. These polarized opinions have made many people hesitant to make the switch, especially store owners who have their entire eCommerce shop riding on their decision. With three years of development and feature updates, and three years for plugin authors to experiment with the newest WordPress editor, has it finally become worth your time to try it? Let’s see what Gutenberg brings to the table for ecommerce websites. Is Gutenberg an Upgrade to Ecommerce? As far as eCommerce is concerned, does Gutenberg help or harm you? To answer that, it’s helpful to remember what Gutenberg is and isn’t. All Gutenberg does is replace the Classic editor with a new block-based drag and drop editor. It can do no harm to your core storefront. It will not have any effect, negative or positive, on your base eCommerce plugins, your SEO, or much of anything but your back end design…

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