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How to Build a Dropshipping Empire with WordPress and Zendrop

Posted by Torque Mag on December 7, 2021 at 9:17 am
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WordPress gives business owners the power to reach customers all over the world. The CMS allows you to optimize, personalize, and scale depending on your needs. It is an entrepreneurs’ best friend. While the website is taking care of the customer-facing part, you have more time to think about the way you want to sell and fulfill sales.  It can be stressful to manage all those orders, especially if you work with various warehouses. That’s where dropshipping can do the work for you.    Dropshipping is an eCommerce business model, where instead of buying and warehousing inventory, you sell products you don’t actually have, and the supplier then ships them directly from the warehouse to your customer. This model can be powerful because it eliminates most of the risks and costs associated with starting an eCommerce business. You’re only paying for the product after a customer has purchased it, so your only upfront costs are web development and marketing. If you find that something isn’t selling well, you can simply remove it from your store and try something else. And you can quickly test new products using paid ads. In this article we will look at how one entrepreneur, Jared Goetz…

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