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How to Create a Custom Endpoint for the REST API (In 4 Steps)

Posted by Torque Mag on June 23, 2021 at 7:06 am
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The WordPress Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface (API) opened up a world of possibilities for website owners and developers. However, sometimes you may need to work with content and services that REST doesn’t support out of the box. Fortunately, it is possible to extend this powerful API with a custom REST endpoint. By defining your own endpoints, you can get WordPress chatting to practically any application or service, including your own bespoke mobile applications.  In this post, we’ll discuss why you may want to create a custom endpoint for the WordPress REST API, and then show you how. Let’s get started!  What a Custom REST Endpoint Is (And Why You Might Want to Create One) The REST API provides an easy way to push and pull data out of WordPress. This gives you the flexibility to integrate the platform with a wide range of third party applications and services.  It is also popular with developers who want to use WordPress as part of a headless Content Management System (CMS). It’s also a great solution for anyone working with React-based tools such as the Frontity framework or the Gatsby site generator.  The WordPress REST API provides a set of built-in…

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