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How to Create a Multilingual WooCommerce Shop (2022)

Posted by Torque Mag on April 14, 2022 at 10:44 am
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These days, making your WooCommerce online shop multilingual is more important than ever. 75% of online users don’t speak English, and many people won’t engage with a website if it’s not in their language. That’s a huge chunk of your visitors turned away. Thanks to the vast advances in online machine translators, making your store functionally multilingual takes little more than installing a plugin. And if you are willing to invest time and money into a professional translation, all the better. Making your store multilingual allows you to reach the vast audience of non-English speakers. Or, if your site is currently in a different language, the sizable majority that do speak primarily English. Ready to bring in more customers from around the world? Here’s how to make your WooCommerce shop multilingual. Why Make Your Shop Multilingual? As already mentioned, 75% of people online don’t speak English fluently. So offering your content in a variety of languages is a pretty good idea. At the same time, English-speaking users make up by far the biggest chunk of users at almost 26%. So whatever side of the fence you’re on, you should be offering your content in multiple languages. At the very least…

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