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How to Protect Your Site Against Remote Code Execution Attacks (5 Ways)

Posted by Torque Mag on May 18, 2022 at 1:06 pm
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If you run a WordPress site, you might be aware of the many security risks that could threaten your business. For example, Remote Code Execution (RCE) attacks can exploit your website vulnerabilities to steal data, destroy your content, or take over your site altogether.  Fortunately, you can easily protect your website by understanding the ins and outs of this kind of attack. With proper knowledge, you can take the necessary steps toward securing your website against RCE hacks. In this post, we’ll discuss RCE attacks and how they can harm your website. Then, we’ll discuss five ways you can protect your site, including using a Web Application Firewall (WAF). Let’s dive right in! An Overview of Remote Execution Attacks RCE is a cyber-attack where a hacker remotely executes code commands on somebody’s device. These attacks may happen if the host unknowingly downloads malicious malware. Then, the hacker can install data-stealing malware and deny access to user files until the owner pays a ransom or mines cryptocurrency.  Furthermore, once an attacker has exposed a vulnerability, they can exercise complete control over your information and device. Your customer data may be compromised, you might lose your website files, and your reputation can…

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