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How to Uninstall WordPress Plugins Completely & Without a Trace

Posted by Torque Mag on July 8, 2021 at 11:26 am
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Uninstalling WordPress plugins: Probably the simplest thing in the world, right? Just click a few buttons and the problem plugin is gone. In an ideal world that would be the case. But the default uninstaller can actually leave a lot of garbage data behind on your site. This ranges from useless tables left in your database to a bunch of little files taking up space in the background. While this usually isn’t a big deal, these leftover files can sometimes cause conflicts or other errors. So what’s the right way to get rid of plugins then? How can you make sure you’ve scrubbed every last piece of data from your website? That’s what you’ll learn in this guide on how to fully uninstall WordPress plugins. Reasons to Uninstall WordPress Plugins Why get rid of a plugin in the first place? There are many reasons: Doesn’t suit your needs — Sometimes you download a plugin and test it out, only to realize that it’s really not for you. Maybe it doesn’t have the feature you really wanted, or it just doesn’t work as well as advertised. It happens! But all the more reason you’ll want to make sure you get rid…

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