Pull Quote: Healthy or not, developer or not, blogger or not - WordPress belong to you too. Italian: Spero che ricorderà a chiunque legga questo articolo che WordPress è per tutti. Sano o no, sviluppatore o no, blogger o no, WordPress appartiene anche a te.

How WordPress Made Space For Me As A Kid Who Grew Up With MS – Come WordPress Mi Ha Accolta Quando Ero Una Bambina Crescendo Con La Sclerosi Multipla

Posted by HeroPress on March 10, 2021 at 1:05 am
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Questo saggio è disponibile anche in italiano. I was first introduced to WordPress when I was 13 years old. My parents had the idea to give me my very own WordPress website. I was able to use, play, test, and try whatever I wanted with it. My First Encounter With WordPress While the technical aspects of my new WordPress website intrigued me, I was more interested in the space it made for me to write. All throughout my childhood I had struggled with chronic pain, fatigue, and other unexplained symptoms. Having a private world I could call my own, I was able to write my story. And there is something truly amazing about having a place to tell your story. When doctors, nurses, specialists, and the best hospitals I could go to struggled to find answers for me and my parents, I felt like my life and world were out of control. But logging onto my little website and typing away on the computer keys gave me a sense of control. I couldn’t always do things that other kids had the energy to do. But I could get lost in writing for hours. I couldn’t control my life story, but…

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