This decision tree visualization indicates that if local public health authorities permit in-person gatherings, and the region passes the in-person safety checklist, then groups can organize in-person events for anyone. If the region does not pass the in-person safety checklist, but vaccines are freely available to all, then the group can organize in-person events for fully vaccinated people. If there is limited vaccine access in a region that does not pass the in-person safety checklist, the group should organize online events for now.

In-person meetup events for vaccinated community members

Posted by Dot Org Community on June 30, 2021 at 6:00 pm
kitty kitty CATegory Community
Thank you to everyone who participated in the discussion of the proposal to allow fully-vaccinated people to hold in-person meetups, where local health authorities permit. I’ll summarize the concerns and opinions shared in the post, and then discuss a decision. If you don’t want to read that far, here’s the tl;dr: The WordPress community team is removing the barrier to organizing in-person events for fully-vaccinated people, in places where vaccines are freely available.  Discussion Summary Some commenters mistakenly thought that local organizers would be collecting health care data from group members, and expressed concern. It was clarified that while the community team would encourage local organizers to set the expectation that only fully-vaccinated people should attend in-person meetup events, no organizer should request or collect information from members about their vaccination status. Meetup events for fully-vaccinated people would operate on the honor system.  A question was raised around what should happen if organizers somehow discovered that someone who was not vaccinated, was attending in-person events intended for fully-vaccinated people. While it’s certainly possible that this will happen, I think it should be handled just like any other mismatch between expected behavior and actual behavior — with a private discussion to…

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