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Internal Linking for SEO: How to Use It to Boost Your Rankings

Posted by Torque Mag on August 8, 2022 at 12:25 pm
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Internal linking is an aspect of SEO that people often neglect or misunderstand. Many focus their efforts mostly on on-page SEO and building backlinks. And while those are the two things that Google most cares about, internal links also play a role in ranking your pages. If this is news to you and you are unaware about how this part of SEO can help your site, this is the right post for you. In the following, we will explain what internal linking is, how it helps your website, how to do it right, as well as best practices to employ and pitfalls to avoid. Sounds good? Then let’s get to it right away. What is Internal Linking? Defining internal linking is relatively simple. It means setting up links that point from one page on a website to another page on the same domain. For example, if I link from here to my TorqueMag post on how to write meta descriptions, that’s an internal link. External linking, by contrast, is when a page links to or receives a link from an outside website. Frequent examples are backlinks from guest posts, a social media share, or just a link from another site.…

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