Tuesday Trainings: How do I contribute to WordPress? Part 3

Join the Community Team for yet another Documentation Editing sprint on August 6

Posted by Dot Org Community on July 21, 2021 at 11:32 pm
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After a successful documentation sprint on May 25 this year, I would like to announce that we are bringing back the Documentation Sprint for Community Team handbooks on August 6  (Friday). All are welcome to contribute to this initiative. This post contains everything you should know about the documentation sprint, along with details on how you can contribute! What is a documentation editing sprint? All day on August 6 (Friday), community contributors and deputies work together to audit and edit outdated pages in the Community team handbooks and any related documentation for the Community Team so that they provide accurate and up-to-date information for community members. Check out the original proposal for more details and context. Please note: This documentation sprint is restricted to the community team handbook pages – we will not be working on the official wordpress.org documentation as part of this sprint. However, if you wish to contribute to the wordpress.org documentation, please reach out to the documentation team (You can ping them directly in the #docs channel). They could use all the help they can get! What documents need editing? All Community team handbook contents need auditing, reviewing, and updating. This includes (but is not limited…

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