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Living Well and Enabling Success For Others Through WordPress

Posted by HeroPress on December 22, 2021 at 6:58 am
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From a very young age, I can remember dreaming about a business I would one day own. It would be a restaurant named “The Comfy Chair.” Serving mainly breakfast and light lunch, I pictured a funky space with a mix of unique, comfortable chairs. Patrons could choose the chair that fit their mood of the day. I’m sorry to report that my childhood dream never came true. Instead, I now lead a 15-person remote team that develops open source software on WordPress, our primary product is the membership plugin Paid Memberships Pro. The road that led me to WordPress didn’t begin with a passion for the web, or democratizing publishing, or coding, or anything technology-related. I began my career in WordPress through my passion for entrepreneurship. A passion to control my earnings, “be my own boss,” and maybe more specifically, work when I want, on what I want, and for the price I choose. That is the most kickass thing about WordPress—people can enter our community and leverage WordPress for free, from anywhere, anytime, for any reason. From Craigslist to Plugins Throughout college, I freelanced doing simple brochure websites, graphic design, and a lot of print work. I used Craigslist…

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