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Making a great online conference experience at WordCamp Prague

Posted by WordCamp Central on April 29, 2021 at 1:53 am
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My name is Jan, I am a Toolset developer at OnTheGoSystems. For the past several years, I have been actively involved in the Czech WordPress community. On Saturday 27th of February 2021, we held an online conference WordCamp Prague 2021. Switching an interactive, in-person event to the online format while keeping most of its magic has been difficult but certainly not impossible. As this year’s lead organizer, I want to share pieces of this sometimes arduous but extremely rewarding journey, together with some crucial ingredients that made it a success beyond our wildest expectations. Let’s just face the truth: If I knew what I was actually getting into, I wouldn’t have said yes. But I am deeply grateful that I didn’t know. Even after being on the team two years prior to this one, the experience of being a lead organizer is pretty much non-transferable. Even so, I — a backend software developer with questionable social and team management skills — was very reluctant about taking such a huge responsibility. One of the things that convinced me — besides the fact that, apart from the then lead organizer, nobody else from our team was willing to take the role —…

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