Pull Quote: Making The World A Better Place One Line Of Code At A Time. Hacer Del Mundo Un Lugar Mejor Una Linea De Codigo A La Vez

Making The World A Better Place One Line Of Code At A Time

Posted by HeroPress on October 19, 2022 at 12:32 pm
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Este ensayo también está disponible en español. How I Met WordPress It seems like only yesterday that I thought to myself… There have to be a better way to do this? At that time I was working as a designer for a company dedicated to sports and we were working internally on a kind of CMS to digitize our Football News magazine, but the result was horrendous, the interface did not exist, it constantly crashed and it was full of bugs. That’s how in the year 2008-2009 in an Internet search I discovered WP, its version at that time 2.5, I couldn’t get us to use WP as a CMS and the internal solution won. But there was one seed planted. At that time I used WordPress in a very simple way, my background was a graphic designer, I didn’t know anything about PHP, much less about programming, but studying the WP code I was able to make my first themes, which by the way were terrible. I learned HTML and CSS, at the same time I started taking Programming courses, especially in PHP, and that’s how I started this adventure. The first years were literally learning on my own,…

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