Darryl Schmidt

Years ago when the internet was young and the beer was cold, everyone was scrambling to find a way to use the internet to market their idea, business, or product to this new global market that the internet created. Either because I came from the local BBS scene that was all about local or because I’m slow to catch on, I saw the internet as a way to help local businesses and local customers connect. I’ve worked mostly with local companies and organizations in Kamloops, a small city in the interior of British Columbia in Canada. My first website was created with notepad, but then I got smart and bought a copy of Microsoft Front Page 1.0 and the journey began. Over the years I’ve drifted in and out of creating websites but around 2002 I decided to create a local internet portal website for my city using PHP Nuke. From PHP Nuke, I quickly moved to PostNuke, which morphed into Zikula, which then stagnated and died. Along with the cool kids (Stephen and Wendell) I moved to Drupal for a while before finally ending up with WordPress.


Books & Authors

Autobiography, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction

Musical Interests

Hip Hop, Industrial, Pop


Hockey, Roller Derby, Skate Boarding, Speed Skating, Walking

Skills & Occupations


Commercial Cleaner, Construction, Electrician, Electronics Technician, Labourer, Metal Fabricator, Photographer, Restaurant Worker, Security Officer, Trade Union Official, Warehouse Worker

Web Design Skill Set

Content, Design, Photography