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More Than Just Joost’s Wife

Posted by HeroPress on July 20, 2021 at 11:00 pm
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Dit essay is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands. My WordPress story is closely entangled with my Love story. Joost de Valk – my husband- led me to WordPress and the WordPress Community. And, while I love being Joost’s wife, I am much more than just Joost’s wife. My story on how I found my way in WordPress is also a story on how I stepped out of the shadows of Joost, without stepping away from (or on top of the toes of) my husband. It’s a story about my journey and my struggles in growing towards a leadership role. And, it’s a story about the wonderful inviting and inclusive world that WordPress is. But, there’s always room for some improvement! The early days – Marieke before Yoast I am extremely competitive and ambitious. Always have been. I was a highly competitive teenager, wanting to be the best at everything. I was president of the student council, editor of the school newspaper, and participated in debate clubs (that’s where I met Joost). After graduating high school (cum laude), I began studying Sociology and Communication Science. I obtained two bachelors and did a Masters in Sociology (all of it cum laude). And…

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