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No-Code WordPress Contributions Matter

Posted by Torque Mag on August 1, 2022 at 10:33 am
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In a recent article for The WP Minute, I shared my newfound appreciation of WordPress as an open source project and my commitment to giving back. I believe that WordPress is for everyone – from the most technical to the least. It is, after all, intended to democratize publishing. In this article I’d like to break down why no-code or low-code contributions to WordPress are vital to the project, ideas for tracking & celebrating those types of contributions, and how anyone can get started contributing to WordPress. Why no code contributions to WordPress matter As mentioned above, the WordPress community is made up of different skill levels and perspectives – that’s what makes it such a force. In order for WordPress to truly thrive, everyone’s voice should be heard and utilized. No code contributions such as testing, updating documentation, and providing feedback frees up those with the most technical skills to focus on making improvements and staying in their zone of genius. Other contributions like UX design, photos, and accessibility keep WordPress modern and fresh. How else do we keep up with the Squarespaces of the world without that kind of talent supporting the project? No one can deny that…

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