WordPress add-new plugin screen in the admin.  The screenshot displays 6 of the 15 featured plugins.

Plugin Directory Limits Ownership and Committer Changes on Official Featured and Beta Plugins

Posted by WP Tavern on April 18, 2022 at 6:33 pm
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Plugin review team representative Mika Epstein announced changes for officially-recognized featured and beta plugins last Friday. Under the new rule, plugin owners will no longer be able to directly change ownership to someone else or add/remove commit access. The purpose is to prevent bad actors from pushing malicious code or premium upsells. Plugin owners can still manually add and remove support reps for their plugins in the directory. However, they must email the plugin review team to change ownership or commit access. Epstein wrote in the announcement: This change was made due to the high profile nature of those plugins, and the potential for abuse if a plugin is given to someone who turns out to be malicious. We hope that it will prevent issues like a featured plugin being turned into a premium-upsell plugin. The behind-the-scenes details were left out of the post. Presumably, the plugin review team would double-check requested changes or block them if something seemed awry. The featured category displays the first plugins that WordPress users see from the Plugins > Add New admin screen. The beta category appears first on development versions. Featured plugins via WordPress admin. Active installs range from a few dozen to…

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