EP14 - Developing WordPress Developers - Dev Branch

EP14 – Developing WordPress Developers – Dev Branch

Posted by WP Watercooler on September 3, 2021 at 9:33 am
This month on Dev Branch we’re discussing developing the content to develop WordPress developers with Hauwa Abashiya and Courtney Engle Robertson. Panel Jason Tucker – jasontucker.blog Steve Zehngut – zeek.com Sé Reed – sereedmedia.com Jason Cosper – jasoncosper.com Courtney Engle Robertson – courtneyengle.com Hauwa Abashiya – twitter.com/hawiea Show Sponsors Desktop Server – ServerPress https://serverpress.com WPsitesync – https://www.wpsitesync.com Are You Looking For Brand Awareness? You could be a show sponsor. Let people know you’re still in

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