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Print Manager for WooCommerce: An Overview and Review

Posted by Torque Mag on July 21, 2021 at 7:45 am
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WooCommerce enables you to sell basically any type of product online. However, it’s missing certain critical features out of the box, such as enabling you to print invoices. That’s where the BizPrint cloud printing service comes in. Using BizPrint, you’ll be able to speed up fulfillment time and reduce errors, which can help you keep customers happy. Automated invoice printing will also save your employees time, and enable them to focus on more productive tasks. Moreover, you get full control over which devices to use, and when to print each invoice or receipt. In this article, we’ll introduce you to BizPrint and explain how the service works. Then we’ll show you how to connect your WordPress website with a BizPrint account, and help you start printing WooCommerce receipts. Let’s get to it! An Introduction to BizPrint Cloud Printing BizPrint is a cloud printing platform and management service for WooCommerce. You can connect the service to your website and to multiple local printers. Then BizPrint can help you automate printing jobs generated from WooCommerce orders on the stations you choose. If you don’t need automation, you can control printing jobs manually, and it all happens within WordPress. As you might know,…

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