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Proposal: Mandatory Safety Measures for In-person WordPress Events in 2022

Posted by Dot Org Community on January 10, 2022 at 9:20 am
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Last year, the Community Team opened up a pathway to return to In-person WordPress meetups, WordCamps, and do_action charity hackathons. In addition to following local laws and safety guidelines, the Community team’s current guidelines recommend that only individuals who are fully vaccinated, recently tested negative, or recently recovered from COVID-19 could participate in in-person WordCamps. However, 2022 has brought in new challenges related to the pandemic such as new variants that are more contagious, in addition to a spike in infection rates in many regions.  To address the safety concerns around in-person events, Community Deputies have been discussing potential, additional safety measures for in-person WordPress events. These safety measures include: Mandatory masks for all attendees (even in regions that do not have a mask mandate at this time). More prominent messaging in WordCamp websites, emails, and social media posts about COVID-19 safety guidelines.Mandatory temperature checks for all attendees at the event (if permitted by local authorities).Accessible hand sanitizing stations in the venue.Maintaining social distancing practices during the event (Larger meeting rooms and seating arrangements with good spacing can be a good way to implement this).Having a plan for contact tracing measures in case of infections (can be done using WordCamp registration…

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