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Proposal: Updating Community Team meetings

Posted by Dot Org Community on August 3, 2021 at 1:49 am
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Few weeks ago, @kcristiano, @angelasjin and I began discussing our Community Team meetings, and how they could improve to foster more discussions and connections. The Current Challenge In short, we believe that there are too many meetings taking place at the moment and the format of those meetings are not catering to the Community Team as well as they could. To give you a hint where the problem lies, here’s a list of current Community Team meetings (not including working groups): Community Team meeting every first and third Thursdays of month. Repeated twice on the same day to cater different time zones. Takes place in #community-team Slack channel. Meeting agenda consists mostly of going through published blog posts about current matters and important discussion.Community Office Hours every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Takes place in #community-events Slack channel. Opportunity for community members and event organisers to ask everything from community deputies.Deputy Office Hours every other week on Thursdays and Fridays. Repeated twice on the same day to cater different time zones. Takes place in Zoom. No agenda, more a space for deputies to talk about their work and related challenges face to face. This is a new thing that started…

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