A Curated List of RSS Feeds for Software Engineering Blogs A Curated List of RSS Feeds for Software Engineering Blogs

Posted by WP Tavern on July 29, 2021 at 7:58 pm
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In one of the most apropos uses of a .blog domain, is a new website that promotes personal blogging with a curated list of software engineering blogs. It’s a simple site with an index of blogs, their Hacker News scores, tags, and a link to each blog’s RSS feed. The search function is very fast and applies to all columns in the index (with the exception of the feed URL). Columns can be ordered alphabetically, by tag, or by HN points. “Experience is gold,” creator Musa Ünal wrote in the site’s introduction. “There are many different social media platforms on the internet but we need personal blogs again. It’s hard to find blogs so let’s create this blog list together!” It’s true – discovering new blogs isn’t easy. If you’re not following the right people on Twitter or don’t happen to be around when a person links to their posts on social media, then you are usually out of luck. Personal blogs are often not very well optimized for search and can get lost in the haystack. Google Search doesn’t provide a way to narrow results to personal blogs. The Wiby search engine is about the closest you can get for…

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