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Report: Allyship and Diverse Speaker Workshops February 2022

Posted by Dot Org Community on March 25, 2022 at 5:20 pm
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In February, #WPDiversity held a speaker workshop for Switzerland and a Slack conversation in the Allyship for WP Event organizers program. February 2022 Switzerland – Underrepresented Voices: Confidence and Topics for Speaking at WordCamps, February 10, 2022 Facilitator: @jillbinder A workshop for underrepresented people in Switzerland on February 10, 2022 Number who attended: 6 From number of cities: 6 From number of countries: 3 (Germany, Switzerland, and United States) Self-report increase in public speaking confidence after taking the workshops: 52% Two people from the workshop volunteered to translate the videos into French. Allyship Program Allyship for WordPress event organizers AMER/EMEA accountability Slack chat,  February 16, 2022 Facilitator: @jillbinder In our 3-month Allyship program, we hold support chats in the WordPress Slack #community-events channel in months 2 and 3. This was our month 3 chat. We invite the current and previous cohorts to attend (cohorts 1 and 2). Number who attended: 11 From number of cities: 10 From number of countries: 5 (Canada, England, Luxembourg, Philippines, and United States) diverse-speaker-support channel We have set up a brand-new Slack channel in the Make WordPress Slack for: networkingworkshopping talks with each other and with mentorsfinding out about WordPress speaking opportunities from WordPress Meetups…

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