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Report: Diverse Speaker Workshops August 2021

Posted by Dot Org Community on September 1, 2021 at 5:19 pm
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This month we launched our inaugural Allyship workshop from the new Allyship program, and we offered our monthly-ish Diverse Speaker workshop. August 2021 Allyship for WordPress event organizers AMER/EMEA, August 19, 2021 Facilitator: @jillbinder We are running the new Allyship program in quarterly cohorts. This was the first workshop for the first cohort. It was an interactive watch party of the “Creating a Welcoming and Diverse Space Part 1” and Part 2 on Learn WordPress. We paused the video for doing exercises in the workbook and having discussions. Number who attended: 13Out of how many who had registered: 68%! (19 registered)From number of cities: 13From number of countries: 6 (Canada, Nigeria, Philippines, Serbia, UK, USA)Self-reported increase in preparedness to help create more inclusive WordPress event after taking the workshop: 52%! Testimonials “I love how actionable the workshop is.” – Anonymous “I loved being with other organizers and hearing what they’ve done. The checklists in the workbook are helpful in terms of tracking what I have done and what I can still improve. I’d love to see ALL THE ORGANIZERS go through this. This felt like a great complement to other material that WordPress has about not disparaging people; the focus…

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