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Report: Inclusion and Diverse Speaker Workshops May 2022

Posted by Dot Org Community on June 10, 2022 at 8:23 pm
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This month, we held two “Organizing Diverse & Inclusive WordPress Events” discussions. May 2022 Organizing Diverse & Inclusive WordPress Events – Discussions Facilitator: @jillbinder To accommodate the WCUS organizers, we held short discussions on two different dates (May 10 and 14, 2022) about the videos on Learn WordPress. Also invited: All event organizers, contributors, and the mentors in the #diverse-speaker-support channel. Total number who attended both: 21  From number of cities: 23 (one person represented Meetups in 3 cities/countries) From number of countries: 8 (Bolivia, India, Nigeria, Philippines, The Netherlands, Portugal, Cabo Verde, United States) Self-reported increase in preparedness to help create more inclusive WordPress event after taking the workshop: 23% Testimonials “I grew from the experience of attending the #WPDiversity workshop. What I took away is that we are stronger together when creating diverse spaces. We see each other’s blind spots and through collaboration we can ensure everyone feels included.” – Winstina Hughes, Community Contributor, US “This session offered new methods to make events even more inclusive. We absolutely loved discovering that simply changing a few phrases may make meetups & wordcamps even more open to more people.” – WP Swings “I found the Inclusion training for WordCamp organizers…

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