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Should WordPress 6.0 Remove the “Beta” Label From the Site Editor?

Posted by WP Tavern on March 10, 2022 at 9:41 pm
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The short answer: probably not. The longer answer… It will depend on many things going right over the next couple of months. WordPress 6.0 is scheduled for launch on May 24, 2022. The 6.0 Beta 1 is on April 12. Even with a slightly extended cycle, major updates come fast. Anne McCarthy opened a discussion in the Gutenberg repository on Tuesday. She posted: Across the community, I’m getting questions around when the beta label for the site editor will be removed. While not explicitly stated in the 6.0 post, I know it’s been discussed around having it removed for 6.0 as this was meant to be a temporary label to communicate that the site editor is still in early stages.In order to track this concern and have a place to point people, I’m opening this issue so, when the time comes, a decision can be made and folks can be notified. In response, Courtney Robertson said she would like to see a unified effort on creating support material across LearnWP, HelpHub, and DevHub. “What would the community’s expectation be for supporting resources related to beta, and what capacity do teams have to reach that goal?” she asked. In a separate…

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